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Osram India Pvt Ltd is considered as one of the leading lamp manufacturers in the nation. The company had more than 5000 types of lamps for the specific requirements for all their clients. OSRAM India has products that are highly energy sufficient: Compact Fluorescent Lamps (DULUX), Metal Halide Lamps (HQI), Low Voltage Halogen Lamps (Decostar), reliable and long lasting Electronic Control Gear with high power factor. The company has 1200 employees currently with the sales of over 1 billion. The company is a leader of products that are best at innovation inn General Lighting, Photo Optics, Automotive Lighting and Electronic Control Gear. In the Automotive Lighting category, they have car lighting, motorcycle lighting, truck lighting and LED Inspection and warning Lights. In Professional Lighting Solutions, they offer Indoor Luminaires, Outdoor Luminaires, Dynamic Lighting and Light Management and Control. In Opto Semiconductors, the company offers LED, LEDs for General Lighting, Laser Diodes, Infrared Emitters, Detectors and Sensors. In Digital Lighting Systems, the company offers Light Engines and Modules, Electronic Control Gears for LED modules and dimmers, Light Management Systems, Lamps for OEM customers. The Opto Semiconductors is a great example of lighting technologies. They stand for innovative, trend setting technologies. The Automotive Lamps and systems, the company is the world's largest lighting supplier. With products such as the laser light headlights, OLED panel lighting and various lamp types, the company is able to deliver more innovative designs to OEMs. With the three flagship brands OSRAM, Siteco and Traxon Technology, the company offers intelligent, flexible and future proof lighting solutions for the office, industry and retail sector. Digital Lighting Systems from OSRAM offers encouraging illuminations that saves energy, but also makes light a new experience. When it comes to the entertainment section, OSRAM helps deliver precision lighting and dazzling effects that fills the events with energy and excitement. Quality is their highest priority when it comes to delivering world class products.

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G-519,Road Number 9A,Vishwakarma Industrial Area, Jaipur - 302013, Rajasthan, India
Company limited by Shares
Non-govt company
22 Nov,1993
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