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B-27, Paharia Fruit Market, Varanasi - 221007, Uttar Pradesh, India
Company limited by Shares
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28 Jan,1997
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25 Sep 2021

EU legal advisor: Diesel software faces strict limits

The case arose when Austrian courts asked the European Court of Justice to rule on whether the software made by Volkswagen, which also includes Porsche, was permitted and not a "defeat device" used to cheat on car emissions tests.

25 Sep 2021

Companies, activists push to speed zero-emission truck sales

In a letter released Friday, representatives of companies including IKEA, Nestle, Siemens, Etsy, eBay, Ben & Jerry's and Unilever joined with environmental activists and investors to call for the wide adoption of the Advanced Clean Trucks rule.

24 Sep 2021

Uber to roll out pension plans for UK drivers

In March, Uber had reclassified its more than 70,000 drivers in Britain as workers following a Supreme Court ruling. Uber had also said it would offer guaranteed entitlements, including holiday pay, a pension plan and limited minimum wage.

23 Sep 2021

Eurozone growth slows 'markedly' in September: Survey

According to IHS Markit, "Eurozone business activity grew at a markedly reduced rate in September, reflecting the peaking of demand in the second quarter, supply chain bottlenecks and concerns over the ongoing pandemic."

22 Sep 2021

Soaring gas prices ripple through heavy industry, supply chains

Natural gas prices have risen sharply around the globe in recent months. That has been due to a combination of factors: including increased demand particularly from Asia due to a post-pandemic recovery; low gas inventories; and tighter-than-usual gas supplies from Russia.

22 Sep 2021

Supply chain woes drive down German growth outlook for 2021

A global semiconductor chip crunch, driven by rising demand for electronic consumer goods and coronavirus-related disruption in supply chains, has had an acute impact in export powerhouse Germany. Like other countries, Germany is also struggling with shortages of key raw materials including plastics, steel and lumber.

22 Sep 2021

German auto giants place their bets on hydrogen cars

Some major automakers, including BMW and Audi re hedging their bets, calculating that a change in political winds could shift the balance towards hydrogen in an industry shaped by early-mover Tesla's decision to take the battery-powered road to clean cars.

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