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Components Suppliers in Kancheepuram

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  • Engine
  • Body And Exterior
  • Electronics/electric Parts
  • Axle/brake/body Control
  • Driving Support & Security
  • More
    • Suspension / Steering / Wheel & Tire
    • Climate Control
    • Clean Energy System
    • Drive Train
    • Interior
    • Small/general Parts
  • Kancheepuram
Suppliers Founded Headquarters CIN Type Number of Plants Clients
Motherson Sumi Systems Limited19 Dec,1986NoidaL34300MH1986PLC284510Public818Get All Details
Lucas TVS Ltd20 Dec,1961ChennaiU35999TN1961PLC004678Public548Get All Details
Visteon Automotive Systems India Private Limited21 Mar,1997KancheepuramU35911TN1997PTC037782Private312Get All Details
Sandhar Technologies Limited19 Oct,1987New DelhiU74999DL1987PLC029553Public1142Get All Details
Comstar Automotive Technologies Pvt. Ltd.21 Mar,1997KancheepuramU35911TN1997PTC037783Private14Get All Details
Borgwarner Morse Systems India Pvt Ltd09 Jul,2001KancheepuramU28991TN2001FTC047397Private112Get All Details
Nemak Aluminium Castings India Pvt ltd23 Jun,2010KancheepuramU34300TN2010FTC076279Private11Get All Details
ACT Plast Paints Pvt Ltd24 Feb,2006KancheepuramU25209TN2006PTC088849Private16Get All Details
Besmak Components Pvt Ltd18 Oct,1994KancheepuramU33112TN1994PTC028942Private321Get All Details
VIBROMECH ENGINEERS & SERVICES LTD13 Dec,1973KancheepuramU29211TN1973PLC006495Public15Get All Details
Allison Transmission India Pvt Ltd30 May,2007KancheepuramU40101TN2007PTC086532Private00Get All Details
Daejung Moparts Pvt. Ltd19 Aug,2002TAMIL NADUU25199TN2002PTC049427Private15Get All Details