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Components Suppliers in Pantnagar

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  • Engine
  • Body And Exterior
  • Electronics/electric Parts
  • Axle/brake/body Control
  • Driving Support & Security
  • More
    • Suspension / Steering / Wheel & Tire
    • Climate Control
    • Clean Energy System
    • Drive Train
    • Interior
    • Small/general Parts
  • Pantnagar
Suppliers Founded Headquarters CIN Type Number of Plants Clients
Lumax Industries Limited10 Dec,1981NEW DELHIL74899DL1981PLC012804Public832Get All Details
Aurangabad Electricals Ltd23 Sep,1985PUNEU31909PN1985PLC037539Public325Get All Details
TATA TOYO RADIATOR LIMITED18 Aug,1997PUNEU99999PN1997PLC110139Public620Get All Details
Alf Engineering Pvt Ltd02 Mar,2006NASHIKU28900MH2006PTC160179Private73Get All Details
Somic ZF Components Pvt. Ltd.20 Aug,1993NEW DELHIU74899DL1993PTC054930Private37Get All Details
Metalman Auto Pvt Ltd03 Jan,2000PUNJABU34103DL2000PTC305213Private35Get All Details
ADVIK Hi Tech Pvt Ltd12 Nov,1998PUNEU29299PN1998PTC013028Private414Get All Details
Emkay Automobile Industries Ltd04 Sep,2000South DelhiU34300DL2000PLC107525Public515Get All Details
RAJHANS PRESSING PVT. LTD.04 Aug,1999HARYANAU34300HR1999PTC034303Private212Get All Details
Emdet Jamshedpur Pvt. Ltd.04 Jan,1988U74899DL1988PTC030190Private310Get All Details
CLH Gaseous Fuel Applications Pvt. ltd.22 Dec,2005NEW DELHIU40200DL2005PTC143992Private511Get All Details
DVS Industries Ltd18 Jun,1992U74899DL1992PTC004922Private33Get All Details
INTERFACE AUTO PRIVATE LIMITED07 May,1985NEW DELHIU00000DL1985PTC020864Private33Get All Details