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Components Suppliers in Vadodara

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  • Engine
  • Body And Exterior
  • Electronics/electric Parts
  • Axle/brake/body Control
  • Driving Support & Security
  • More
    • Suspension / Steering / Wheel & Tire
    • Climate Control
    • Clean Energy System
    • Drive Train
    • Interior
    • Small/general Parts
  • Vadodara
Suppliers Founded Headquarters CIN Type Number of Plants Clients
Munjal Auto Industries Limited12 Jul,1985BARODAL34100GJ1985PLC007958PUBC33Get All Details
BANCO PRODUCTS (INDIA) LIMITED16 Mar,1961BarodaL51100GJ1961PLC001039Public522Get All Details
Bundy India Ltd01 May,1996VadodaraU29199GJ1996PLC029520Public515Get All Details
Rotex automation ltd.12 Jan,1983BARODAU29259GJ1983PLC005831Public27Get All Details
Standard Radiators Pvt.Ltd.23 Jun,1965U34201GJ1965PTC001320Private23Get All Details
National Engineering Industries Ltd01 Jan,1970420Get All Details
Vikrant Auto Suspensions01 Jan,197025Get All Details