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DSK Moto wheels Pvt. Ltd is a leading diversified business combination in India with a multi crore turnover. The group has managed to secure it business with diverse business verticals like construction, automobiles, information technology, education and high end professional courses, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, yours and travels, international film production, digital products, video games and many more. The Group is also renowned as one of the most ethical and successful groups based in Maharashtra. Established in 2012, DSK Moto wheels, paved its way into the growing automobile sector by entering the niche segment of powerful and aspirational bikes. The company has a CKD plant in Maharashtra, the brand enjoys the status of having the strongest superbike network in India. They are popularly known for their high-end biking experience, extended product line, technology and quality. They are also proud to provide the best customer centric service and aftersales support to the Indian Superbike Market. The products that are available vary. TNT 25 is a contemporary and sporty motorcycle with a typical design and spirited performance, the right choice for the millennial man. TNT 300 showcases a 300cc parallel twin engine that sounds ballistic and is built for the ones who are willing to have a pure riding experience. 302R is packed with power, an amazing agile chassis, generous cornering clearance, powerful breaks and stellar handling. The features make it the ideal track tool for all the racers. TNT 600i which is now available with ABS is designed for those who stretch their limits, the mean and strong TNT 600i is first in segment, in line four cylinder 600cc engine with evocative power. TNT 600 GT is a comfortable touring friend that makes highway motoring an unforgettable experience.

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209+ employees
Company limited by Shares
Non-govt company
18 Jun,1992
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Total Number Of Shareholders 2
Shareholding As On 2016-09-29

DSK Motowheels Pvt. Ltd in News

13 Oct 2016

DSK Benelli announces new dealership for its Mumbai showroom

The showroom exhibits the entire range of ‘Tornado Naked Tre’ or ‘TNT’ superbikes that include TNT 25 (Rs 1,75,000), TNT 300 (Rs 3,14,000), TNT 600i (ABS) (Rs 5,95,000), TNT 600 GT (Rs 6,23,000), TNT 899 (Rs 9,89,000), and TNT R (Rs 12,31,000 - all prices ex showroom Mumbai).

20 Jul 2016

DSK Benelli opens its showroom in Jalandhar

The dealership will not only act as a platform to sell motorcycles but also a place for DSK Benelli superbike enthusiasts to interact with other bikers and share their love for the Italian biking legend.

15 Sep 2015

DSK Motowheels opens superbike service centre in India

The DSK-NMEC is the largest such facility for Benelli globally. It will allow technicians to view live issues under expert guidance and see them being rectified in order to familiarise them with all aspects of superbike servicing.

20 Feb 2015

DSK Motowheels showcases eight Benelli superbikes

The bikes to have been shown includes 2015 editions of five Italian bikes that include an in-line, two cylinder TNT 300, the in-line, four-cylinder 600cc TNT 600i as well as the TNT 600 GT, the 898cc, in-line, three-cylinder TNT899 and an in-line, three-cylinder 1131cc, TNT1130.

Directors of DSK Motowheels Pvt. Ltd

Name DIN Email Designation Date of joining
Shirish Deepak Kulkarni Unlock to View Unlock to View Director 09 May,2012
Vaijayanti Mudgal Jayant Unlock to View Unlock to View Director 11 Oct,2010
Anuradha Ramchandra Purandare Unlock to View Unlock to View Director 03 Oct,2006

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