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ExxonMobil lubricants Pvt Ltd Description

ExxonMobil lubricants Pvt Ltd was established in the year 1994 and has its headquarters in Gurgaon. The company is a subsidiary of Exxonmobil Asia Pacific Pvt Ltd. They manufactures and markets lubricants in the country. The company also provides lubricant oil blending and packaging services. The company was initially known as Indo Mobil Limited. Their downstream business is involved in the distribution, sales and marketing of Mobil- branded lubricants and specialties. The chemicals business offers markets development support and reporting services. They also organize chemical product applications that support services and product testing support at their technology centre in Bangalore. Their business provides LNG market development support services for other businesses that are affiliated to the company. The business support centre or the technical support centre provides a wide range of support services for their company's operations across the globe. The company also tries to make a positive contribution towards the community that they live in. They operate and support a range of education, health and community support programs in the country. The company's advanced fuel economy oils are engineered to help provide outstanding engine protection while driving fuel economy benefits. These oils are specially formulated synthetic oils that help in increasing engine efficiency, and can help save money over the life of the vehicle. The automotive industry around the world is facing a lot of challenges, least of which is a desire to produce more sustainable vehicle and improving the fuel efficiency and safety without compromising the vehicle performance or the driver's safety. For more than fifty years, the company's designers and suppliers have turned their portfolio of high performance polymers. The company's developed Exxon butyl rubber, Santoprene thermoplastic vulcanizate, Vistalon ethylene propylene diene rubber and Exxtral performance polyolefins. All these have helped the industry build higher performing, lower weight vehicles at lower system costs and has enabled feature with advanced consumer appeal.

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151+ employees
Company limited by Shares
Non-govt company
04 Mar,1994
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Name share
Bodies Corporate
Total Number Of Shareholders 2
Shareholding As On 2016-09-30

ExxonMobil lubricants Pvt Ltd in News

01 Jul 2022

ExxonMobil launches Mobil Super range of lubricants

According to the company, this next-generation synthetic passenger vehicle lubricant offers superior technology that meets the latest BS-VI specifications and provides fuel economy benefits with its Mobil Super All-In-One Protection series. Additionally, the Mobil Super Friction Fighter series delivers better engine wear protection and cleanliness.

Directors of ExxonMobil lubricants Pvt Ltd

Name DIN Email Designation Date of joining
Kapil Mittal Unlock to View Unlock to View Director 11 Apr,2017
Deepankar Banerjee Unlock to View Unlock to View Director 23 Nov,2016
Song Ping Teoh Unlock to View Unlock to View Director 27 Oct,2016
Tan Chun Ghee Daniel Unlock to View Unlock to View Director 28 Oct,2013
Kan Choong Wah Unlock to View Unlock to View Director 28 Oct,2013
Manuj Sehgal Unlock to View Unlock to View Company Secratary 19 Oct,2006

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