Suprajit Automotive Private Limited

Company limited by shares (2) 302+ employees

Suprajit Automotive Private Limited Description

Suprajit Automotive Pvt Ltd was established in the year 2004. The company is located near Bangalore and is a 100% export oriented subsidiary of Suprajit Engineering. The company is an expert in the large scale manufacture of cable to marque customers across the globe. The company produces a wide range of mechanical control cables for motorcycles, commercial vehicles, cars and non-automotive cables. The company has a global capacity of more than 150 million cables. The range and quality of their products has satisfied all their customers and their applications. They also specialize in the production of speedometer, instruments and various other parts. The company has been set up on a 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space. The company takes pride on being globally competitive and works closely with Suprajit Europe to serve their customers. The company is a cable supplier to a wide range of global and domestic automotive customers that include Tata Motors, BMW, General Motors (India), Volkswagen, Ford India Limited, Jaguar, Mahindra & Mahindra, Land Rover, Eicher Motors, Opel, Valeo, Technic and many other popularly known automotive customers both directly or indirectly. The company has also been supplying their products to two wheeler customers that include: Piaggio Vehicles, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India, Bajaj Auto, Hero Motors, TVS Motors and many more. The company is wants to become a world class organization by supplying cables to domestic and overseas customers in both automotive and non-automotive sectors. The company also excels in producing small volume and extremely intricate cables from their Tamworth facility that is based in United Kingdom. The company uses their diverse knowledge and vast experience in their manufacturing processes to bring out the best out of all their manufacturing facilities and research centres. All the manufacturing plants have a development call that deals with the day to day requirements of their customers. This way, they ensure high quality and efficient development for all of their customers.

Suprajit Automotive Private Limited Overview

302+ employees
Company limited by shares
Indian Non-Government Company
21 Dec,2004
N/A Related OEMs
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Company Breakup

Name share
Bodies Corporate
Total Number Of Shareholders 2
Shareholding As On 2018-09-26

Directors of Suprajit Automotive Private Limited

Name DIN Email Designation Date of joining
Suresh Shetty Unlock to View Unlock to View Director 12 Dec,2013
Mohan Srinivasan Nagamangala Unlock to View Unlock to View Director 12 Dec,2013
Peter James Greensmith Unlock to View Unlock to View Director 11 Oct,2006
Kula Ajith Kumar Rai Unlock to View Unlock to View Director 21 Dec,2004

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