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Components Suppliers in New Delhi

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  • Engine
  • Body And Exterior
  • Electronics/electric Parts
  • Axle/brake/body Control
  • Driving Support & Security
  • More
    • Suspension / Steering / Wheel & Tire
    • Climate Control
    • Clean Energy System
    • Drive Train
    • Interior
    • Small/general Parts
  • New Delhi
Suppliers Founded Headquarters CIN Type Number of Plants Clients
Amtek Auto Limited04 Aug,1988New DelhiL27230HR1988PLC030333Public157Get All Details
Rockman Industries Ltd.25 Nov,1981New DelhiU35921PB1981PLC004729Public517Get All Details
Shilpi Cable Technologies Ltd09 Jul,2006NEW DELHIL64201DL2006PLC150753PUBC53Get All Details
Sandhar Technologies Limited19 Oct,1987New DelhiU74999DL1987PLC029553Public1142Get All Details
SHARDA MOTOR INDUSTRIES LIMITED29 Jan,1986NEW DELHIL74899DL1986PLC023202Public108Get All Details
AVTEC Limited08 Feb,2005New DelhiU34103MP2005PLC017319Public321Get All Details
Minda SAI Limited16 Apr,1981New DelhiU31905DL1981PLC127345Public414Get All Details
Lumax Auto Technologies Ltd30 Oct,1981PUNEL31909MH1981PLC025519Public64Get All Details
Lumax DK Auto Industries Limited07 May,1997DELHIU34300DL1997PLC087110Public15Get All Details
TRACK COMPONENTS LTD28 Apr,1999U34300DL1999PLC099507Public11Get All Details
PPAP Automotive Limited18 Oct,1995DelhiL74899DL1995PLC073281Public310Get All Details
Allied Nippon Limited10 Mar,1988New DelhiU34300DL1988PLC030910Public310Get All Details
Sigma Freudenberg NOK Pvt. Ltd.04 Sep,2000NEW DELHIU11202DL2000PTC107504Private326Get All Details
Friends Auto India Ltd.22 Jul,1997NEW DELHIU34300DL1997PLC088642PUBC12Get All Details
Munjal Kiriu Industries Pvt Ltd27 Jul,2007U34200DL2007PTC166351Private14Get All Details
PRANAV VIKAS (INDIA ) PRIVATE LIMITED10 Jul,1987NEW DELHIU24290DL1987PTC028569Private312Get All Details
Nipman Fastener Industries Pvt. Ltd.03 Feb,1997New DelhiU30001DL1997PTC084853Private410Get All Details
KAFILA FORGE LTD06 Mar,1990DELHIU27109DL1990PLC039427Public22Get All Details
Ecocat India Pvt Ltd07 May,1991U74899DL1991PTC044234Private17Get All Details
RACL GEARTECH LIMITED14 Jul,1983NEW DELHIL34300DL1983PLC016136Public310Get All Details
Magneti Marelli India Pvt Ltd10 Nov,2009GurgaonU34102HR2009FTC046068Private11Get All Details
TRIM INDIA P LTD31 May,1995New DelhiU74899DL1995PTC069244Private110Get All Details
ARB Bearing Limited16 Apr,1990NEW DELHIU74899DL1990PLC039861Public16Get All Details
Belmaks Metal (India) Limited15 Nov,1994NEW DELHIU74899DL1994PLC062732Public29Get All Details
Minda Autoelektrik Limited15 Mar,2007New DelhiU29221DL2007PLC160549Public27Get All Details
Lumax Mannoh Allied Technologies Ltd22 Jul,2013New DelhiU35912DL2013PLC255694Public17Get All Details
Horizon Industrial Product Pvt Ltd.20 Jul,1961U74899DL1961PTC003498Private414Get All Details
Advance Forgings Pvt. Ltd.21 Oct,1983NEW DELHIU74899DL1983PTC016805Private29Get All Details
Madhusudan Auto ltd21 Oct,1991New DelhiU74999DL1991PLC046091Public16Get All Details
Sigma Mould And Stampings Pvt. Ltd06 Feb,2001NEW DELHIU74899DL2001PTC109514Private18Get All Details
Hilux Autoelectric Pvt. Ltd.23 Jul,2002NEW DELHIU34300DL2002PTC116288Private26Get All Details
SPECTRA PRODUCTS PVT. LTD..05 Dec,1991NEW DELHIU74899DL1991PTC046647Private22Get All Details
Super Circle Auto Ltd.10 Jan,1986New DelhiU34300DL1986PLC023047Public110Get All Details
SANATAN AUTOPLAST PRIVATE LIMITED20 Jun,2007NEW DELHIU25209DL2007PTC164951Private12Get All Details
Super Sales India ltd25 Feb,1960New DelhiU51909DL1960PLC003193Public116Get All Details
ATC Precision Components Pvt. Ltd.04 Jul,2005NEW DELHIU28999DL2005PTC138258Private212Get All Details
SUNVISORS (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED24 Aug,1993U74899DL1993PTC054951Private13Get All Details
D P ENGINEERING INDUSTRIES LIMITED17 Apr,2008NEW DELHIU27310DL2008PLC176856Public211Get All Details
DHANJAL IMPEX PRIVATE LIMITED19 Sep,2005NEW DELHIU51909DL2005PTC140929Private12Get All Details
APLS AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES PRIVATE LIMITED06 Mar,2009U35990DL2009PTC188278Private23Get All Details
PAUL COMPONENTS PRIVATE LIMITED04 May,1994NEW DELHIU74899DL1994PTC058779Private25Get All Details
M.V.D. AUTO COMPONENTS PRIVATE LIMITED20 Sep,1993New DelhiU74899DL1993PTC055288Private26Get All Details
GULATI AUTO ELECTRICALS PRIVATE LIMITED17 Nov,2005New DelhiU34300DL2005PTC142619Private17Get All Details
CELESTIAL INDUSTRIES PVT LTD07 Dec,2005NEW DELHIU74899DL2005PTC143415Private114Get All Details
SUNPAC AUTO (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED04 Sep,1986U74899DL1986PTC025352Private12Get All Details
JALEX AUTOMOTIVE PRIVATE LIMITED26 Aug,2003U34300DL2003PTC121928Private14Get All Details
JSK BEARINGS LTD29 Aug,2013West DelhiU29253DL2013PTC257010Private11Get All Details
JAPJI ENTERPRISES PRIVATE LIMITED23 Jan,2012New DelhiU52335DL2012PTC230431Private111Get All Details
A A Autotech Pvt Ltd10 Feb,2006New DelhiU34200DL2006PTC146147Private29Get All Details
CLH Gaseous Fuel Applications Pvt. ltd.22 Dec,2005NEW DELHIU40200DL2005PTC143992Private511Get All Details
DVS Industries Ltd18 Jun,1992U74899DL1992PTC004922Private33Get All Details
INTERFACE AUTO PRIVATE LIMITED07 May,1985NEW DELHIU00000DL1985PTC020864Private33Get All Details
M K Auto Clutch Industries01 Jan,197019Get All Details
Pacco Industrial Corporation01 Jan,197017Get All Details
Sainik Spring Works01 Jan,197012Get All Details