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Considered to be India's largest growing precision engineering companies, Aequs specializes in Precision machining, sheet metal fabrication, closed die forging and special processing for automotive and aerospace industries. The name Aequs is derived from a latin word "aequs" which means equal, directly stating that a partnership with the equals. The company is currently working with mega global companies such as Bosch, Danaher, Eaton and a few more. Their aim is to set up a platform for accelerated growth in the upcoming years. The company is indulged in Fuel injection system, engine components, hydraulic applications, transmission components and a few others. At Aequs Aerospace, the company specializes in landing gear components, sheet metal fabrication, bench assembly, engine components, and a few more. They're involved in machining, manufacturing, forging, surface treatment and aero structure assembling. Aequs Oil & Gas has been capable enough to prove in machining a vast range of complex part types, using a wide range of metals including carbon and alloy ateels & aluminium. Their supply chain is capable of many secondary processes such as heat treatment, coatings and deep hole drilling. The range of capabilities include drilling & exploration, completions, inteligent completions and oil tools. The company is involved in multiple group companies. Aequs SEZ Pvt Ltd, Aerospace Processing India Pvt Ltd, Aerostructures Assemblies India Pvt Ltd, SQuAD Forging India Pvt Ltd and Deephole Solutions India Pvt Ltd are a few companies that Aequs is involved with. The company has various manufacturing facilities in India, US & Europe.

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37+ employees
Company limited by shares
Indian Non-Government Company
01 Feb,2013
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Basavaraj Sugandhi Unlock to View Unlock to View Additional Director 11 Jun,2022
Harish Bang Unlock to View Unlock to View Director 18 Oct,2019

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A component is a part or element that make up a whole machine. In the automotive industry, a vehicle comprises of a number of different components, which when put together, makes up a whole vehicle. Following is the list of the important automotive components:-

Production Systems

A production system is a computer program typically designed to provide artificial intelligence. The production system, in an automobile, refers to the method/procedure/arrangement which includes all the functions required to gather the inputs, process/reprocess the inputs and deliver the end product. In ETAutolytics, a production system includes facility/equipment, machine element, processing machinery and production supplemental materials.

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