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Company limited by shares (1) 5575+ employees

International Tractors Limited Description

International Tractor Ltd was established in the year 1969. One of company's key element of ITL's growth is their strong commitment to the global marketplace. The company manufactures and sells farm machinery and equipment. They offer tractors, agricultural implements, silent generators, pick & carry cranes, auto components and engines. They constantly align their production platform according to their customer's demands. This results in the company making their presence felt in more than eighty countries across the continents and their international opportunities and pursuits growing rapidly. The company's global recognition has been popularized by a strategic investment into the group by leading popular international brands like Yanmar of Japan, Private Equity Partner and Black Stone of Singapore. The company has established a well-equipped research and development centre through their world class integrated manufacturing facility. The company also has a consistency in their quality of products & services and their customer related approaches. The company aims to become a reputed global player in the coming years. The company's research and development department plays an important role in the life cycle of the product. It works with the production & sales department, helping in monitoring the day to day demand function of the international market and developing products that delivers effectively. They are committed to producing and developing new product designs, existing product updates and quick checks and innovation. At present, the group is among the top three tractor manufacturers in India and provides a complete range of products that include: tractors, multi-utility vehicles, engines, farm machinery attachments, diesel gensets, auto components and pick & carry cranes.

International Tractors Limited Overview

East Delhi
5575+ employees
Company limited by shares
Indian Non-Government Company
17 Oct,1995
100 Related Suppliers
N/A No. of plants

Company Breakup

Name share
Bodies Corporate
Total Number Of Shareholders 5

International Tractors Limited in News

15 Oct 2023

International Tractors launches 5 new series, including e-model, for exports

The 5 different series launched at ITL’s 'Global Partners Summit (GPS) 200' in Gurugram on Sunday, come with compact designs and advanced emission control systems that comply with the norms of such advanced markets as the US and Europe to meet varied customer requirements, the company said.

29 Jun 2017

Tractor tyres face inadvertent anomaly due to GST

Rajiv Budhiraja, director general of the Automotive Tyre Manufacturers Association (ATMA) told ETAuto that the Association has made a submission to the Government to streamline this discrepancy.

27 Oct 2015

Sonalika launches two orchard tractors

The tractors are technically advanced 26HP and 30HP orchard tractors that feature power steering, and hydraulic system with automatic depth and draft control (ADDC) for ease of operation.

Directors of International Tractors Limited

Name DIN Email Designation Date of joining
Shivani Malhotra Unlock to View Unlock to View Director 01 Apr,2021
Akihiko Hiraoka Unlock to View Unlock to View Nominee Director 26 Sep,2020
Geetanjali Kalra Unlock to View Unlock to View Director 19 Sep,2018
Priya Tosh Sood Unlock to View Unlock to View Wholetime Director 01 Apr,2017
Rahul Mittal Unlock to View Unlock to View Wholetime Director 01 Apr,2017
Naoki Kobayashi Unlock to View Unlock to View Nominee Director 28 Mar,2017
Raman Mittal Unlock to View Unlock to View Wholetime Director 22 Dec,2008
Sushant Sagar Mittal Unlock to View Unlock to View Wholetime Director 22 Dec,2008
Lachman Dass Mittal Unlock to View Unlock to View Wholetime Director 17 Oct,1995
Deepak Mittal Unlock to View Unlock to View Managing Director 17 Oct,1995
Amrit Sagar Mittal Unlock to View Unlock to View Wholetime Director 17 Oct,1995

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